Basic Mindfulness Check-In By Beth Berila, Ph.D.

Before we can truly work with the intense responses that arise when discussion and dismantling oppression, we have to first become very familiar with our own reactions. Often, we have "gut" responses without really being aware of what is happening, which makes it difficult to respond intentionally.

This Mindfulness Check-In is a short practice designed to help us become aware of our responses in any given moment. The idea is to DISCERN, with CURIOSITY NOT JUDGEMENT, whatever is going on for us, physiologically, emotionally, intellectually, or psychologically.

As with any meditation, the idea is to turn inward and observe. Try not to fidget. Of course, if you feel pain in a sitting posture by all means adjust, but if the desire is to simply fidget to create a distraction, try to sit with that desire and merely observe what happens if you don't indulge it. I suggest finding a quiet place away from distraction if possible to practice this meditation. The second part of the mediation is to journal. so have a pen and paper nearby.

And remember, mindfulness is a practice, which means it works most effectively when we engage the process regularly, ideally every day. 

Be well.